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Dietitian and Nutrition Sciences Courses in India


Master in Nutritional Science & Dietetics M.Sc (NSc.&D) 24 months $2000.00 (Rs.1,30,000.00)

Bachelor in Nutritional Science & Dietetics B.Sc (NSc.&D)18 months$1500.00 (Rs.97,500.00)

Advance Diploma in Nutritional Science AD(NSc.)12 Months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Diploma in Nutritional Science D(NSc.)09 months $750.00 (Rs.48,550.00)

Certificate in Nutritional Science C(NSc.)06 Months $500.00 (Rs.32,500.00)


Courses not in India but all other countries


Ad Diploma in Soft Skills DSS (Canada) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65000.00)

Ad Diploma in Basic Management Skills DBMS (UK) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Public Relations DPR (UK) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Leadership & Team Management DL&TM (UK)12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Time Management DTM (UK)04 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Personality Development DPD (Canada) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Business Communications DBC (Canada) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Customer Relations Management DCRM (UK)12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)


All the above 8 Advanced Diplomas are also available as 'Diplomas' with curriculum designed as 8 months programs. Fees $700.00 (Rs.45,500)


Ad Diploma in Stress Management DSM (USA) 12 months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)


Note: Fee for Training Workshops for corporate available on request.


Herbal Medicine courses


M.Sc. Herbal Medicine M.Sc (HM) Canada 24 months $2000.00 (Rs.1,30,000.00)

B.Sc. Herbal MedicineB.Sc (HM) Canada15 months 18 months$1500.00 (Rs.97,500.00)

Ad Diploma in Herbal Medicine AdHM (UK) 12 Months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Bachelor of Health & Fitness Management BHFM (UK)18 months $1500.00 (Rs.97,500.00)

Ad Diploma in Health & Fitness Management AdDiHFM (UK)12 Months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Ad Diploma in Health & Sexology DHS (UK)12 Months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Diploma in Accupressure SystemDAS (UK)09 months $750.00 (Rs.48,550.00)


B.Sc. NaturopathyB.Sc (N) (Canada)18 months$1500.00 (Rs.97,500.00)

Ad Diploma in NaturopathyD(N) (Canada)12 Months $1000.00 (Rs.65,000.00)

Diploma in Herbal Medicine DHM (Canada)09 months $750.00 (Rs.48,550.00)

Diploma e in Health & Fitness Management DHFM (Canada)09 months $750.00 (Rs.48,550.00)


Certificate in Food & Nutrition CFN (Canada)06 Months $500.00 (Rs.33,500.00)

Certificate in Health & SexologyCH&S(Canada)06 Months $500.00 (Rs.33,500.00

Certificate in Accupressure SystemCAS (Canada)06 Months $500.00 (Rs.33,500.00


Important Notes:


1. Admission Fee applicable to all the above courses: US$ 40.00 Rs. 2500.00

2. Examination Fee applicable to all the above courses : US$ 70.00 Rs. 4500.00

3. Certification fee applicable to all the above courses : US$40.00 Rs. 3000.00


Avail Fee Discounts & Concessions or Pay in installments: Yorks College has a mission, and that is to provide professional courses in medicine and management studies at reasonable costs and fees. YC therefore, offers discounts and installment option to its students. Please see the details below :


  1. On payment of full tuition fees at the time of enrolment, a discount of 10 % is offered. This discount does not cover Admission and Examination fees.


  1. In 2 installments7%: 1st installment at the time of admission (Admission and Examination fees to be paid with the 1st installment at the time of admission) and the 2nd one month before the completion of 50% of the course, a discount of 7% is offered. In case the 2nd installment is delayed, the discount would be cancelled and a late payment charges @ 3% p.m., on the remaining balance will be charged and the fee will have to be paid immediately otherwise it may affect the course duration.


  1. In 3 installments 4%: 1st installment at the time of admission (Admission and Examination fees to be paid with the 1st installment at the time of admission). The balance two installments to be paid depending upon the course duration and conveyed to the student at the time of addmission. In case the balance installments are delayed, the discount would be cancelled and a late payment charges @ 3% p.m. on the remaining balance will be charged.


  1. The Yorks College administration can offer further instalments and discounts depending upon the student(s) circumstances.


  1. Protocol Clause: Yorks College is a Private Institution for professional education through Long-distance (Correspondence), Contact and on-line programmes besides onsite Workshops and Classroom training. It has its own rules and regulations as far as Fee protocols and all other internal matters are concerned. Yorks College is bound by its procedures which embody the Yorks College policy on fees and other matters for all the students irrespective of their color, caste, sex, creed, religion, ethnicity or country. Yorks College considers all its students equal and all its policies are binding equally to all.


  1. Invoices & Receipts: Yorks College is responsible for issuing all invoices and receipts to its students within 30 days from the receipt of the fees and other charges if any. Yorks College expects that the students keep and maintain their record of payments. However, in case they need duplicate receipts etc., they will have to send appropriate fee and documents for duplicate receipts along with duly filled and signed Form DR-1, which can be downloaded from this website from the Forms Page or can be requested by email or Post.


  1. Duplicate copy of Degrees, Diploma and Certificates: In case the student needs a duplicate copy of the certificate, he must send the appropriate fee and documents along with completed and signed form DC-1 which can be downloaded from this website from the Forms Page or can be requested by email or Post.


  1. Payment of fees: The fees can be paid in cash at the students’ nearest Yorks College office or Associate or by Bank Transfer / demand draft / Banker's Cheque payable to Yorks College, can be sent by Post / courier along with other documents for admission.


  1. Award of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates: Yorks College dispatches all awards earned by its students by Ist class post or courier. In any country or city, where there are a sizeable number of students, Yorks College tries to organize an Awards Ceremony to offer its Degrees and Diplomas. However, in case any fees or charges are due towards any student, the Awards are not given unless the dues are cleared along with all the admissible charges etc.


For any details on fees etc. email at: accounts@yorkscollege.com