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President - Yorks College: Dr. Ashok Anand

Dear Present and Prospective students,


A professional doctor or a manager emerges from the student just the way a beautiful live statue is born by the sculptor from a dead marble piece. Yorks College helps students to use their talent, intelligence and compassion, with knowledge and experience, to become professionals in their chosen fields to contribute to the society at all levels.


The students at Yorks College experience a transformation throughout the programmes. This transformation is the one which is respected by all as they are served the way they should be, within the realms of values, morals and virtue. At a certain point, our training and students' efforts matures into a profound understanding of our ever changing world and its needs. Creating the environment to develop this intellectual and personal growth is what I call the Yorks experience.


The events at Yorks brings together outstanding students and faculty, demanding coursework integrated with dynamic principles, and extensive and diverse curricula makes them a sculptor in their own might and virtue. After a long and hard education, our students not only become good human beings but the best Healers and Managers in their respective fields.


This new breed of professionals will be integrated into the mainstream systems and enjoy rewarding careers in their field of expertise. To help our students succeed, Yorks College is continuously growing with innovative ideas and integrated approach. Whether it is creating online course material, affiliations with professional bodies, on-site training, class room lecturers, one-to-one counselling or develloping long distance courses, we are committed to providing our students the best opportunities to develop their skills to succeed.


A Website is not merely a tool, a source or a media, it is not just a collection of ideas, consisting of faculty, courses and policies, it is something as live as a classroom comprising of teachers and students. Times and science have really changed the ways of the world it used to function before. Even if we look further, you will feel the heart beat of a vital, living organization of people committed to developing students who will combine their intellect with our courses to live to the expectations of our society. Look even deeper and feel the underlying themes and values that infuse your dreams with Yorks experience.


You all are welcome to a vibrant Yorks experience which is ready to offer you a rewarding career, prestige and a platform to jump to unlimited success.


Dr. Ashok Kumar 'Anand'


Email: dr.kumar@yorkscollege.com