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Mission Statement


The mission of Yorks College is to prepare leaders within the human service Health & Management professions.




Yorks College will build on its traditions of interdisciplinary relationships through innovative leadership, active learning, and collaboration to promote well-being in a fast changing society.





Yorks College provides high quality student oriented medical and management education to advance the art and science of Complementary Medicine and Management Services. Yorks College recognizes that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive Society and so, it is committed to transform lives by offering quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals. It provides programs of study, which innovatively integrate medcical sciences and management studies with excellent professionalism. Through all of its programs, we encourages students of diverse backgrounds and varied abilities to realize their full intellectual and potential to enable them to gain understanding about themselves, others and the forces shaping our complex and rapidly changing world.


Yorks College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, in the administration of educational and admission policies, financial aid, employment or any other program or activity. In fulfilling its mission, Yorks College sets forth the following objectives which reflect the overall goals of the College:


  • To provide a varied selection of curricula in the respective courses enriched with instruction in specialized education.
  • To provide the students with basic, advanced and professional skills which contribute to success in their careers.
  • To lead the student in the self-discovery process and achievements in accordance with their own potential.
  • To provide an atmosphere of learning which naturally enhances the student’s capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, social and personal situations.
  • To guide the students through various activities and experiences to foster personal growth and leadership qualities within them so that they achieve their social, vocational, and academic pursuits.
  • To provide professional career advice for graduates and students through various mediums.




Yorks College was established with the basic goal of contributing to the society in all possible aspects of existence by way of producing good human beings with professional qualifications. Our achievement in providing the basis for fulfilling these students’ needs over the years has been the predominant factor in the longevity of Yorks College. To enhance the individual’s feeling of self-worth and dignity through education, is the major premise of our existence. The continual development of graduates who are successful in their work and their personal lives will serve as our challenge for the foreseeable future. We accept our responsibility with pride.


Code of Ethics


Integrity: We value sincere, responsible and ethical behaviour in an atmosphere of honest, open communication with mutual respect and caring for each other.


Innovation: We value creativity, besides risk-taking and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.


Improvement: We value continuous improvement of our programs and services through professional development in a team-based culture.


Focus: We value commitment to student success and satisfaction by responding to their needs.


Diversity: We value an educational environment that attracts, nurtures, and supports a diverse student and staff community.


Core Values


Yorks College fosters academic excellence and individual development in an environment which :


  • is committed to professionalism within all facets of its conduct, programmes & activities.
  • is aiming to satisfy all our students and faculty at all times.
  • provides vision and direction to its staff and students by shaping our organisational culture and systems to the true spirit of its Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives.
  • respects and values the diversity and contributions of all its students and staff.
  • recognises that its staff is its major asset and resource with continuing professional development needs.
  • recognises the importance of providing a conducive learning and working environment for all.
  • is committed to relevant studies as a foundation for lifelong learning;
  • communicate effectively;
  • provides close interaction among faculty, staff and students;
  • uses interdisciplinary skills;
  • emphasizes the importance of internship and other complementary educational experiences as a component of its academic programs;
  • thinks creatively and critically;
  • challenges students to participate in leadership opportunities at every possible social opportunityk as a way of enhancing their individual development; and
  • enables graduates to define and pursue varied personal, educational and career options.
  • understand and employ multiple perspectives;
  • makes informed and ethical personal and professional choices;
  • interacts with others competently and effectively; and
  • leads and serve in the larger community.


Yorks College has a simple philosophy, to be one of the best educational institutions internationally by way of Development of Leadership, Commitment to service and excellence, commitment to equality in diversity and promotion of well being. And indeed, Yorks College is one of the best.