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Yorks College believes in fair business practices and transparency at all levels. It does not hide any expenses, fees or other charges unlike several other schools, colleges and universities worldwide which provide fee details only when requested.

Course Tuition  Fees for 2015-16  academic sessions are outlined and can be accessed by clicking at the link given below. Please note that fees for subsequent years are subject to change, which will be made clear to the students when they are being offered a place at Yorks College. The duration shown against each course is the maximum. In case any student wishes to complete the course sooner or later than the stipulated duration, Yorks College has no objection. 


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Important: Details about the Fees / and any other expenses for conducting training workshops, class room sessions, seminars, soft skills programs etc. at the venue of the clients or at any other location as desired by the clients can be requested by the esteemed corporate, institutes, colleges, schools and other establishments et al at the following email IDs:






The concerned department responds to all such inquiries within 48 hours of the receipt.

Important information for the students (not valid for corporate clients / educational institutions).


Pay fees at your convenience; in installments or in lump sum. For details ; click here


Yorks College is  committed to providing international level courses at affordable fees to all its students.

For the ease of the students, a number of fee plans are available to suit the needs of every individual student.  Avail fee discounts & concessions or pay in installments.  To know more about fees, click here.


Course Duration & Time Schedules: Yorks College offers the  students a very unique facility to complete the courses. It is entirely for the students to select their own pace to complete a course. There is no binding, no time limit.  If a student has enough time at his or her disposal, and can complete a 6 month course in 5 months or another student due to his or her professional or family commitments completes a 6 month course in 8 months, Yorks College has no objection.


Certification: All students get the same certification whether one completes a course within the framed schedule, later or earlier.


Student Support: Yorks College offers all its students support in solving their problems if any. This support can preferably be online, by post or phone.  If there are more than 15 students available at a convenient location, a class room type support can also be arranged.