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Introduction of Dr. Ashok Kumar 'Anand' by Dr. David Woodbury, Montreal, Canada

It is my privilege to introduce Dr. Ashok Kumar 'Anand'. Dr. Ashok is a Cardiac Rehab Specialist; Nutrition Expert and Consultant Herbalist. He is an internationally recognized author, speaker as well as a healer. Dr. Ashok is one of the well known Herbalists who has successfully integrated mind-body medicine. He is a practitioner of his own kind in the field who has proved that simply professional-spiritual-positive counselling in various medical conditions can entirely change a patient’s outlook towards his or her disease and employing very little effort in life style change - most of the diseases can be treated, even cured. He believes that a positive and healthy mind can change the entire physical body and its problems for the better. Irrespective of one’s religious beliefs and different cultures, the integration of life-style changes along with a nutritious and balanced diet + positive outlook towards the existence, one can lead absolutely a healthy life. His visionary skills and distinctive style of speaking and counselling with great blend of storytelling ability, has the capability of inspiring anybody who is interested in interpreting life in a unique and entirely new ways.


Dr. Ashok Anand is also a Management Professional with Post Graduate qualifications in PR & Journalism, Advance Management from MEWES Frankfurt, Germany and a University Degree from New Delhi. However, with a vision about a healthy global population, it is interesting on his part that he has intelligently blended his managerial skills with his medical qualifications in Herbal Medicine. He is also an expert Dietitian and Nutritionist. In his own words, ‘Without the knowledge of nutrition and diet, no medical system can do justice to the diseased.’


The meaning of health becomes relevant to the common man only when there is social awareness about health in any society. Dr. Ashok believes that home remedies, alternative medicine systems and other Complementary therapies are the only answer today to the burgeoning health problems worldwide. And why not? According to the available WHO data, about 80% of the world population is dependent entirely on Complementary and Alternative Medicine system.


His experience working with different cultures and communities around the world, especially in Canada, the U.K. and Indian sub-continent for about 20 years has transformed him from being a medicine-oriented herbalist to a holistic healer. He has been awarded by the Canadian government for his contribution in adult education besides several distinguished awards from Lions Club International for his services in the field of health and education helping scores of underprivileged persons in Indian sub-continent.



Dr. Kumar's several articles have had been very popular among the readers in Canada and the U.K. His articles are informative and educative in simple language avoiding tough medical terminology and hard jargons so that even a common man could understand and gets benefited. His articles have been published in several South Asian Journals and newspapers in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Some of his articles are available on this page for the benefit of the readers. Dr. Ashok also offers free Consultation to the patients by phone, online or even personally when available in a particular country.


Dr. David Woodbury, Montreal Canada


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Dr. Ashok Kumar


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Books by Dr. Ashok Anand:


"Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine, Science of Nutrition, Human Anantomy & Body Systems". A 1900-page treatise on human body, medical conditions, dietetics and the strength of Herbalism (Click for more details on the book)



"One Vs All: Narendra Modi - Pariah to Paragon". This book is all truth about India's socio-economic and political conditions. The issues of centuries old social backwardness, myths of love and great culture as well as the corrupt systems, have been discussed in the light of truth. (Click here for more information)