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Your feedback is important. Do write to us about your experiences with Yorks College.

Listed below are some of the  comments made by our students before, during and after their courses. There are hundreds of such comments and it is not possible to post them all on the website.  It is just for you, the prospective students,  to see the heartfelt emotions of our students who feel obliged and elated after having studied with YCNM or studying currently:


“I am really pleased I made the decision to enroll with Yorks College. Everything is so perfect and  enjoyable” Hilary T. Stokes. Walsal (U.K.)


"My personality has really been transformed. Thanks to YTMC PD program. I am not anymore a nervous & shy person. I am very successful." Ashley Zafar, Huddersfield (U.K.)


"Even after having my B.Tech for 3 years, I could not get a job. But thanks to YTMC one-to-one program on Soft Skills, I got my job within 2 weeks after completion of the course. Thanks YTMC." Sarah G. Bristol (UK)


“YCNM is  the only online college which would allow me to pay my fees as I studied. Thank you!

Chi Su Jiang, Toronto, Canada


"I attended Soft Skills 2-day workshop at Paradise Studios in Birmingham. I have found I am a totally different person now. YTMC courses do not help professionally but bring positive changes in one's personality and thinking. M.Kaur, Kings Heath, (UK.)"


“My  career has just taken a vertical jump after I completed my Diploma in Herbal Medicine.  Thanks YCNM.!”J. Harris. Worcestershire, U.K.


“I am impressed on how quickly things have moved considering the distance involved.  I never though that long distance course in Nutrition  would add so much to my CV that I have received an increase of 30% in my wages.” Sally Ann, South Africa


"I had no idea that there is something like Soft Skills also. I am grateful to YTMC course which has enabled me to get my dream job and has made me a very confident person." T. Bob, Brunswick, (Canada)


“I would highly recommend the Diploma in Herbal Medicine to  anyone, not because I am a Practitioner now and earn a lot of prestige and money, but even if you don’t want to practice, it is just as good as food in our life.” T. Chandra, Winnipeg, Canada


"YTMC's certificate course in Communications have helped me change to a good job & now I am in managerial cadre." K.Balachandara, Kandy, (Sri Lanka)


“I am studying my Diploma in Naturopathy. My father is a professional BAMS and when he saw the  curriculum, he was surprised and immediately got me admission. It is great, fees are affordable and it is certainly going to add another feather into my cap.” Sunita Chouhan, Ghaziabad, India


“I have just completed Dip in Health & Fitness Management and received my certificate within 10 weeks of enrolling. The flexibility is ideal for persons like me who can finish a 1 year study in 3 months” Brett C. Owens. Goa, India


"The 3-hour workshop at Premiere Inn, Manchester on Personality  Development by YTMC has immensely helped me. To become a model was my dream which YTMC has fulfilled. Now I have 4 assignments in my hand. Thanks YTMC". Linda Baker, Bradford (UK).


“I have just received my Bachelor in Herbal Medicine and am over the moon. My friend has just enrolled too. Many thanks to YCNM, its flexible fee structure and time of the study” Stephanie Baker. Illford, U.K.


“I would like to express my heartfelt Thanks to YCNM, online & Long distance study programs. . I am a 52 year old mother of 3 and doing this course in Naturopathy, to boost my self-esteem, help family and friends and if I have time, I can practice also. It is great that you don’t have upper age limit restrictions.” Lee Yardley, Glucestershire, U.K.


“YCNM is doing a great job by providing excellent courses to the common man, especially the fees are so reasonable and the flexibility in time in the completion of the course is admirable. One can finish a course in 3 months or 3 years, it is just up to you. Good luck to you and to the new students.” B.P. Singh Bal, New York, USA


You can also send your comments in not more than 75 words. If found suitable, we will publish on this page.



Students, Please note:


Yorks College is committed towards continuous improvements in all its activities; from curriculum updates to study materials and from support to its students to  its approach towards quality education.


Yorks College,  however, believes that Students' feedback is the best source to help the College management to update itself and keep on devising latest strategies according to the requirements of the society.


Accordingly, dear students, your comments are welcome. Though it is not possible to publish all the feedbacks due to space constraints but all the feedbacks are taken very seriously and the suggestions adhered to.


Send your feedback by email to us at: