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Business opportunities with Yorks College

Yorks College is extending its hand for Partnerships and Association, are you Ready???

Infrastructure : You should have a minimum of


•750 Sq. Feet of premises, well located

•2 separate units e.g. one office and one reception area


•Printer, scanner, copier etc.

•Internet connection

•Telephone lines

•Electricity back up i.e. inverter / generator

•All other modern office gadgets and equipment

•One full time educated worker in the office besides you. AND

•Excellent arrangement & venue for Contact programs etc. in your city as and when



However, if you are already an established company, we would prefer you but your attitude, qualifications, marketing skills, past performances etc. will have to be considered.


How to proceed?


•Yorks College will sign an agreement with you to name you as its Associate in your


•We charge Franchise fee and security

•We don't believe in commissions etc. We will share the income with you, discussed and

agreed upon mutually.


In return, Yorks College offers:


•Complete Training.

•A bright future.

•100 per cent success.

•Unlimited and uncapped income.

•Appropriate exposure and marketing where desirable and applicable

•Association in future projects


Important : It is our promise that you would love and enjoy working with us. We believe in experiencing, sharing and living together like a family.

Interested? Do forward your expression of interest or resume based upon the above criteria to our Business Office by email. business@yorkscollege.com


Yorks College

Yorks College offers world class courses online and long distance in Herbology, Dietetics (Science of Nutrition) and Soft Skills besides offering Professional Training Programs. Yorks College is expanding at a faster pace now than ever before, due to its successful approach and professional services with a very satisfied client base. Consequently, Yorks College is now looking for additional hands in India, Africa, South East Asia and the middle east.


We believe in making things simpler: We simply expect you to register clients / students which may come from any industry, institution, college, school or even individuals. And that's it. Leave the rest to the Yorks College. The faculty, curriculum, teaching plans, contact programs, classroom teaching, policy, fee structure, certification etc., everything will be taken care of by us.


What we are looking for? We are looking for sincere, honest, hardworking, professional and financially sound companies or individuals. We would prefer that you already have experience in any branch or stream of Medicine, Education, Public Relations, and Sales & Marketing etc. However, nothing to worry as we provide complete training. But the paramount importance is given to your attitude, your interest, your aims and objectives, your appetite for success and your passion towards delivering the best to the learners.