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About Dr. Ashok Kumar (President - Yorks College)

"Dr. A. Kumar, is in fact, a Management Professional.    He   has    Post Graduation in   PR &  Journalism, Advance Management from MEWES Frankfurt, Germany and a University Degree from New Delhi.  But the other important aspect of his personality is, his interest in general health of the people. Actually, his vision is all about a healthy global population. Keeping in mind his aim, he did his Doctorate in Public Health Sciences. from the U.S.,  based on his research in behavioral sc. and over 300 medical articles on human health in various  South Asian newspapers in the UK and Canada. He has also been awarded IHD in Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition and Stress Management  by SNHS, UK besides having a Bachelors in Materia Medica.  Complementary and Alternative Medicine is Dr. Kumar's hobby.  He has been practicing in USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K.  He is well known for his specialization in chronic diseases viz. Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Migraine, Skin disorders and other male and female diseases." 

The meaning of health becomes relevant only when there is social awareness about health. And social awareness just depends upon the economic conditions and social fiber of a society.  It is said that the developed countries are more aware in health matters.  But according to Dr. Kumar 'Countries like Canada and UK, which boast of world's best medical care systems and are the members of G8 elite group, are actually have nothing as compared to the developing countries.  China, India, Thailand and Malaysia are the fit examples. Where patients are dying of infections like E-coli in Canadian Hospitals, the NHS is a totally flop in the UK and the public has neither the facilities to go to the private practitioners nor they can afford.  Hence, Dr. Kumar believes that home remedies, alternative medicine systems and other Complementary therapies are the only answer today to this burgeoning health problems worldwide. And why not? According to available WHO data, about 80% of the world population is dependent only on Complementary and Alternative Medicine system.

Dr. Kumar's several articles have had been very popular among the readers in Canada and the U.K.  He is very fond of writing informative and educative medical articles in simple language avoiding tough medical terminology so that even a common man could understand them and gets benefited.    He is a Consultant and provides free Consultation.  His articles have been published in the South Asian Journals in English, Hindi and Punjabi.  Some of his articles are given here for the benefit of readers.

Dr. David Woodbury, Montreal Canada

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If you are sufferring from any disease or facing a health problem, just email to Dr. A. Kumar. You will get a reply  within 72 hours.

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