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Welcome to Yorks College. Yorks College has established its name globally as the providers of Natural Medicine Courses online as well as long-distance (correspondence + contact classes) besides world class Soft Skills programs, workshops & seminars.

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Every-minute-Increasing globalization, technology  and socio-economic changes are rapidly transforming the face of education. The traditional "chalk & talk" way of learning has already given way to a wide variety of learning styles and modes. Yorks College today leads the way in providing training & education relevant to the 21st Century and beyond, while providing the high level of service that is being increasingly demanded by students as well as employers world over.


We strongly believe in a pragmatic approach to education in tune with the rapid rate of change. Yorks College is regarded as one of the highly respected educational institutions in the world including the UK, Canada & the US.


Yorks College has been associated with renowned Doctors, Academicians and Professional Management Consultants. It delivers courses on a global basis - tailored to the needs of the aspirants including contact-classrooms & online help.


The dedicated faculty is in constant communication with the students all over the world. It collaborates, manages and solves problems across different time zones and language barriers, all while meeting a succession of tight deadlines.


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About Dr. Ashok Kumar Anand: Cardiac Rehab Specialist; Graduate in Materia Medica - India; Nutrition Science expert from SNHS UK; EKS Management - Frankfurt & PGDPRJ Chennai. Internationally known for his lectures on the use of Integrative medicine system for Cardiac Rehablitation & other Specific Health Conditions; Clinical diet & Advanced Hygiene besides revolutionary views about human development. A globe trotter, Dr. Anand has written over 300 articles on various health issues besides political & socio-economic problems. His treatise Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine, Science of Nutrition & Human Anatomy and Body Systems has been appreciated worldwide.


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